The Elvis Adventures

The Word Bros have a ton of comics in the works. We have also finished two stand alone issues and a short story (That will be appearing in the 2017 Alterna “If Anthology.”) The first book Kevin and I worked on together was called the Elvis Adventures.  The book is Illustrated wonderfully by Rachel Ordway and Micah Myers did a wonderful job on the letters. These pages are just taking up space on my desk top so we figured why not post them on the Word Bros site.

You may be asking, “hey, what is the elvis adventures about?” Well, The Elvis Adventures is a pulpy space romp in the vein of Flash Gordon seen through the lens of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The series is a 1970’s disaster film on a killer LSD trip. It’s the perfect marriage of unadulterated silliness, bone crunching kung fu fights and lots of giant monsters! Take a look at the first few pages! 























































































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